Cladding A Staircase With Engineered Wood Flooring

Wooden staircases are an extremely popular and stylish alternative now in time. With an increasing number of people choosing wooden flooring to the primary rooms in their home, these very same people often look to extend this interior design to their staircases.

If you are building a brand new house from scratch, you might well have opted for a solid or an engineered hardwood staircase to be installed and also have allowed for this in the design and planning. Nevertheless, if you reside in an older house, your only option, if you want a solid or engineered wooden stairs might well be to decorate your present staircase.

Cladding is the term used to describe the process whereby an existing structure is coated with a new material to make a completely new look without changing the original form or structure. Often utilised to refer to the process of applying a fresh"covering" to a roof or walls, it is a term also utilized in floors. In cases like this, it includes the application of engineered timber floors to an existing or original staircase to give it a whole new look.

In the event you opt to clad your staircase with engineered plank, the final result will look precisely the same as in the event that you choose solid wood plank, but with one exception. Since engineered planks can't be manipulated in precisely the same manner as solid wood to produce the edge, or"nose" of each step, you will want to install an engineered wood"nose" on every measure.

A nose is basically fitted in the front of every step to make a fantastic link between the tread and the riser developing a pleasing and steady end. To be able to generate way for your new engineered hardwood flooring nosing, the present nosing on your initial stairs will have to be eliminated. The elimination of the present nosing will allow the stable and neat fitting of your engineered timber nosing.

One important point to keep in mind if you are likely to clad your stairs with engineered planks is that the boards have to be glued into your initial staircase. Even though there are plenty of methods of fitting engineered planks in different rooms (such as nailing, floating and stapling for example), for stairs, it's crucial that you glue your planks into the present staircase to attain the rigidity and stability needed. Only by doing this will you be certain your brand new stairs will endure the test of time and more likely be secure.


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