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Flooring Design Trends in 2020

Hardwood Is Still the Popular Choice Hardwood flooring keeps growing in popularity, and is far and away the preferred flooring choice for homes. While there's a growing collection of flooring materials that attempt to imitate the appearance of wood, most homeowners still need the timeless, timeless beauty of the real thing. Man-made materials simply aren't able to replicate the warmth, style and natural comfort a hardwood flooring brings to your property. It does not hurt that timber floors add value to your house, last a lengthy time, and can be refinished as tastes or style trends evolve. What's Trending for Hardwood in 2020 Colour tendencies for 2020 are interesting because they represent different ends of the spectrum, depending on your personal taste and design goals. Grey tones of the last few years have been gradually transitioning in color towards lighter and beige earth tones. Up to now, the"greige" has really turned into a color used to describe this tra